The Lunatorium maybe be gone, but it's not forgotten.

Watch Iono Allens homage to our sadly de-rezzed island, True Life. You can still find Lunatas' products on the Marketplace.

The Lunatorium on TV

The best way to see what we do, other than logging into Second Life™,
is to watch this video.

Visit The Lunatorium

Atelier and Entrance with Personal Assistant
Showroom Christmas- and Advent decoration
Showroom Wedding- and Valentines Day decoration

Underwater Garden:
Entrance Underwater Garden
Mermaid costume vendors
Coral Swarmrezzer vendors

Because we have the Personal Assistant, we could layout the region in colour-themed areas.

Garden - indigo, blue, turquoise
Garden - purple, pink, violet
Garden - white, vanilla
Garden - red, carmine, tangerine
Garden - yellow, sunny, beige, sand

Underwater Garden - indigo, blue, turquoise
Underwater Garden - purple, pink, violet
Underwater Garden - white, pale, ghost
Underwater Garden - green, red, carmine
Underwater Garden - yellow, beige, sand